We are not far from the answer, but we need your help to get there


There is no cure or even a diagnostic test for MND. It can take over a year from symptom onset to confirming a diagnosis – an unacceptable delay in such a rapidly progressive condition. A condition which can leave patients unable to walk, eat and eventually breath.

The Broad Appeal is offering hope and supporting three exciting projects which will aid the understanding of this cruel condition:

Identifying a Blood Based Microrna Fingerprint for MND. By Emily Goodall

The aim of this project is to identify MND specific, blood-based microRNA ‘fingerprints’ that will be useful in diagnosis, prognosis prediction and disease monitoring.

Using a Zebrafish Model to Understand the Early Spread of MND and to Screen Potential New Drugs

This project will involve the use of a Zebrafish Model of MND to efficiently screen over 2,000 potential drugs for any beneficial effects. The zebrafish will also provide the researchers with opportunities to study and better understand how neuronal stress develops and spreads in MND, offering insight into the earliest stages of the disease.

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